Disc Line


Putter – 2 1 0 2

The classic Tank that players fell in love with is back!

The Tank boasts a broad sided, chain blasting profile and an extra wide patented thumb track grip. The outer edge is beefed up for a heavy duty feel that makes the disc ‘hover-stop- drop’…ideal for treacherous approach shots. Released with power, this disc will hold a straight line with very little glide- which gives you the control on short-mid range shots


Mid-Range – 5 2 0 3

The Mortar is very reminiscent of the old Star Beadless Gator mold from Innova. High power throwers will love this midrange. It’s flat top profile makes it so reliable and predictable even in extreme wind conditions. This premium plastic with extra give feels great in the hand and allows for more control. Throw into a headwind and watch it hold the line and not turnover.


Mid-Range – 6 4 1 5

The newest release in the lineup for Hyzerbomb Discs is bringing back another old favorite from the Millennium Golf Discs lineup. The MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) is a retooled 4.1 Tachyon, produced to be extremely flat. The MOAB is a 6 speed, large diameter mid-range disc, which is massively overstable. The MOAB will fight through head winds like a champion, resisting turn for even the most powerful players. The MOAB is suitable for both sidearm and backhand players and is a disc you can always trust to fade hard.


Fairway Driver – 7 4 0 3

The Veteran is based off the popular Eagle-X mold from Innova. Featuring a plus molded rim, it leads to a smooth release. This disc has great speed and glide. Straight flying with a strong fade at the end of the flight. If you are looking for a straight flying maximum fairway driver, the Veteran is the answer.


Fairway Driver – 9 4 -1 2

The Marksman is Hyzerbomb’s first straight flying release. The Marksman is a stable fairway driver designed to carve lines in the woods and still handle power in the open. With flight numbers of 9 5 -1 2, the Marksman has a touch of turn with a lot of glide and moderate fade at the end of its flight. Marksman will work for beginner players as well as advanced players. For players with a touch sidearm, the Marksman will fly on flip-up hyzers to navigate tunnels and fly straight.


Distance Driver – 11 4 0 4

The Sabot is Hyzerbomb’s first high speed driver. Wide diameter, with a thick blunt nose, the Sabot will find winds like a champion. This overstable run has a slight dome to it. If you’re a fan of the Max from Innova, you will love the Sabot.

Hyzerbomb Plastics

Baseline Soft

This R-pro like putter blend is soft and flexible, similar to the Millennium Super Soft plastic.

Baseline Hard

This firm putter blend has a grippy feel. Comparable to Millennium’s base plastic.


This plastic is extremely durable and grippy. Comparable to Millennium’s Sirius plastic.


This plastic is a softer, more flexible version of the Frontline plastic. This was introduced before Innova’s G-star.


Recon plastic is extremely durable and long lasting. This is comparable to Millennium’s Quantum plastic.

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