PDGA#: 52276
Current Rating: 944
Hometown: Ukiah, CA
Home course: South Lake Mendocino DGC, Mendonico College DGC, Low Gap DGC
Throwing style: Balanced RHBH/RHFH
Years Playing: 5 years
Favorite disc: Star Destroyer/Mortar
Favorite HB Disc: Mortar/Veteran
Favorite course: DeLa
Favorite tournament: Duncan Lake Hillclimber Open

What’s in the bag?
Star Max
Frontline Sabot
4 Star Destroyers
1 Echo Destoyer
Champ Glow Shryke
Luster FD
Pro Line Beast
Frontline Veteran
11x Eagle L
11x Eagle X
PFN Champ Banshee
CE Leopard
FAF Champ Firebird
CE Firebird L
2 Mortars (1 FrontlineX, 1 Recon)
Champ Roc3X
4x Glow Roc
Champ Mako3
2 11x KC Pro Roc
2 KC Aviars
What is your strongest part of the game: