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I got one of the white really flat Panzer's and it is overstable. It sits nicely between the Mortar and Tank stability-wise. It is in a firmer baseline plastic than the Tank but still has amazing grip. This disc flies the farthest of the 3 for me it has more glide and the right amount of stability to be thrown for longer approaches and shorter tee shots from 250-300 feet. It has many of the same characteristics as the other discs that it doesn't skip or roll away, it sits where it hits and that's key to taking strokes off your score.

Richard Why --- Team Hyzer Bomb,     Team Millennium


The Panzer is a over-stable putter with a low profile, thick rim and a thumb-track. I would use it for hyzer shots in the 100-350ft range and for sidearm upshots. I like the low profile feel of it in my hand as well as its ability to fight through a headwind. The Panzer would be a good substitute for a Pig or Champion Rhyno.  

David Wiggins Jr. --- Team Hyzer Bomb,      Innova Star Team,      World Distance Record Holder



I like this disc for longer range putts that I don’t want too much glide on, I can trust this disc when I am laying up to save some strokes. It won’t get picked up and glide 40 feet passed the basket.

Tara Hadick --- Team Hyzer Bomb


The grip is phenomenal!!! The Panzer is my newest putt and approach disc.  It gives me the the option to run the basket and if I miss it will settle nicely. Its reassuring to know that when I do hit the chains the Panzer is for sure going to stick!


Adam Dube



November 22, 2013 by Jeremy Glossup
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Jesse Dalton

Jesse Dalton said:

The panzer is one the best driving putters i have ever thorn. Consistently overstable, off the tee it will hold any line you put it on with a nice fade out at the end. It is my go to driver for 200-275 foot hyzer shots or straight shots that i do not want to go to the left (lefty). Into headwinds is where it is at its best. Will literally hold whatever line i put it on to the ground which was something i could never count on an aviar to do. Perfect compliment to my arsenal of aviars!

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