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The Tank is a straight putter with a low profile, thin rim, and a thumb-track. I would use it for strait/ turnover shots in -the 100-350ft range. It is straight flying out of the box and has a nice soft feel to it similar to that of the pro rhyno. The Tank flies true in moderate wind conditions but I would opt to throw the Panzer in stong headwinds/ crosswinds. The Tank would be a good substitute for the pro, or dx Rhyno. 

-David Wiggins Jr. ----Team Hyzer Bomb,     Innova Star Team                                                                           2010 US Amateur Champion, 2010 Amateur World Champion,  World Distance Record Holder - 836' (255m)

This bad boy is really reliable for headwind putting and some crosswinds, I like the stability and the grippy feel of the plastic. This will become a go-to upshot putter in the winter when I need something with lots of grip and not with tons of glide.

-Tara Hadick --- Team Hyzer Bomb

The Tank is great, the baseline plastic is grippy and flexible. This plastic will be getting a lot of use this winter when hands are cold and grip is key! I have been using mine for straight approaches that I need to stop right when they hit the ground. Perfect for approaches where the basket is on a slope you can trust this disc to sit down. It isn't a very far flying disc and doesn't have a lot of glide but that allows for lots of control, it is very much a point and shoot disc. You can throw it right at your target and not have to worry about the disc flipping over or fading off to hard it flies straight and true and lands flat. I was worried about the plastic breaking in quickly because of the flexibility of it but so far the flight characteristic have not changed which is great. Its nice to know that your disc will do the same thing every time you throw it.

Richard Why --- Team Hyzer Bomb,      Team Millennium



November 09, 2013 by Jeremy Glossup
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john said:

Where c an I try one

Adam Dube

Adam Dube said:

The tank is great disc for drives off the tee up to 250 feet for me. I also love it for upshots because the grippy plastic allows the disc to nestle under the basket.


Boogie said:

I have been SLAYING baskets with my “Black Zombie” stamped HyzerBomb Tank.

NAILED 100’ putt on #17 for birdie, then PARKED #18 off the tee with the very same disc at our League round last week to secure the 1st place finish.

Feels like the good Pro Rhynos (without the bead), making it a sliiight touch straighter but still nice and beefy!

Controlled upshots that stick where it lands? TANK.

Putting in the wind? TANK

Girlfriend talking smack about your skills? TANK

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